Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschland e. V.

We are members of the professional association ...

... Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschland e. V. QSD. It represents the interests and opinions of the German Translation Industry and, thus, of German translation companies within the EUATC:

Principal tasks of the QSD

  • To strengthen professionalism in terms of translation work
  • To create a lobby to support the markedly increasing importance of language services within the globalised economy

Objectives of the professional association

To promote quality and professionalism in the translation sector by:

  • Encouraging quality assurance and further training
  • Maintaining quality standards of translation companies
  • Improving relations between freelance translators and translation companies
  • Collaborating with other associations
  • Cooperating in the field of specialist translations at German and European levels
  • Improving the image of the translation sector and its services by providing information and conducting PR activities
  • Providing effective economic and political representation of interests in the relevant bodies at national and international levels