A lack of company terminology leads to increased translation costs and the quality of the translation suffers!

Why that again … it just costs money?!!

"Company-specific technical terms such as “belly presser“ or “shoe horn“ as parts of a packaging machine – a horror for any translator….and a real challenge!

In-house communication difficulties often occur, because the individual departments use different terms for the same detail (“We’ve always called it that! “). In the final analysis, this can very easily lead to inconsistent technical documents.

Translators may create additional confusion, for they must translate the casual company slang, in a factually correct manner, into diverse foreign languages, whose speakers often have a completely different mentality.

We create terminology databases – parallel to and/or after translating – based on real source texts in the company-relevant foreign languages. This is more than pure terminology management and also serves for quality assurance. 

Project managers and supervisors appreciate them, companies use them, and translators need them. "