Strong customer orientation, efficient cooperation with translators → uniform high quality

Optimised work and checking procedures

Quality assurance begins with the initial contact with the customer. The Project Manager also supervises the production process right up to delivery of the finished translation.

Important aspects of the check upon receipt of the work:

  • What are the customer’s requirements with regard to the translation?
  • What experience has the customer had with translations, what text formats are used?
  • Are company-specific glossaries / terminology databases available?
  • What is the quality of the technical documents in the source language?

Important precautionary measures:

  • Checking the source text for editorial errors and technical inconsistencies
  • Agreeing on possible sources of errors with the customer / translator
  • Requesting a specific contact person at the customer’s
  • Defining the order and providing the necessary aids for the translator (customer-specific ini file, correct setting of the CAT system in the case of editing systems, etc.)

Accompanying the project work:

  • Maintaining two-way communication between the
    Author / Technical Editor ↔ Project Manager ↔ Translator
  • Quality control by the Project Manager (spelling, layout, completeness) and the proofreader (contents)