Over 200-250 translators are always working for us – worldwide! CAT tools, formats & editing systems of the customer’s choice

Members of staff and tools

Human resources

As a matter of principle, only translators are used who ...

  • translate into their native language,
  • are at home in their special field,
  • have been carefully selected and who have proven themselves over the long term

Our proofreaders have had a technical education and many years’ experience.
Right from the beginning, the proofreader works with the translator, analyses the text and, when necessary, intercedes and explains sensitive technical contents to the translator. As a result, translating errors can be prevented right from the outset.

Technical resources

Translation software / translation memory systems (CAT) / translation tools ensure

  • optimum results of high linguistic quality
  • the uniform use of terms
  • attractive cost savings

Standard CAT tools in daily use: SDL Trados, Across, TRANSIT, SDLX, Passolo
But contact us even if you use a different CAT tool we are flexible!

Available programs and formats

  • FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, Quicksilver/Interleaf, MS Office, Open Office …
  • xml, xliff, html, txt, dll, exe, java properties …
  • Editing systems such as Schema ST4, TIM RS or Cosima go! (to name only a few)  are also not foreign to us!